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About me




My name is June Bearman and I live in a very beautiful part of Derbyshire. I got my first golden retriever as a gift from a relative and my prefix is derived from a combination of both our names. My first golden, never to be forgotten was a bitch who I called SUNDAY OF BEARHARD, Sunday was her pet name. Everybody loved Sunday she was my ‘one in a million’ she was not a showdog but she introduced me to the showing world. Sunday and I did obedience together, both of us learning the ropes of something new. She never let me down, she always did her best and she loved every minute of her shows, always the show-off she had to do a lap of honour when she finished and waited for the applause. Happy always RIP 1985-1998.


When Sunday was 2 years old I wanted a companion for her and got my next golden SANSUE HAPPY LAUGHTER OF BEARHARD and we called her Teaka, This was the one to take me into the show ring and we had a lot of fun, did quite a bit of winning and was just coming up to her prime when tragically she had to go to the Rainbow bridge far too soon due to the dreaded cancer 1988-1995.


In 1991 my husband wanted a dog puppy so we then got SANSUE ADAM OF BEARHARD we couldn’t call him Adam as my first grandson was called Adam already, so we called him Kasey. He was always the gentleman of our house and a very gentle boy with the most gorgeous head and expression. Kasey was the first dog I took to Crufts and we had a whale of a time in the show ring, he did a lot of winning 1991-2004.


This is how I started my love affair with the beautiful Golden Retriever, but it didn’t end here, we have gone on from here up to today with many more goldens living with us and sharing our lives.

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